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Bre Pettis and the accomplished guys at Make Magazine decide to use a VEX robotics kit to do the job. Stunt Kite Aerial Photography Kites Stunts Balloons Barrels Cheer Stunts Globes Waterfalls. Learn how to explore the world of photography from a kite's point of view with this aerial photography rig also known as KAP. Kite aerial photography is already a trodden path in DIY land - there's even at least one Instructable on a rig.

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Not everyone has the thumb coordination to fly a quad copter, and few have a pilot buddy who can carry them skyward, but just about anyone can fly a ki. Test the mechanism to make sure that when you pull the twine, the binder clip snaps off and the clothespin pushes the shutter button down.
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These days drones are certainly one of the most popular, but balloons work too. The newly revamped Chromium logo is already in use in the latest developer build of the open-source browser, where its displayed on the settings about page.