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Factors that increase the risk include use of public showers, working with meat. While they usually occur on the hands and feet they can also affect other locations. Buy the royalty-free stock image Portrait of big ugly Warthog resting in zoo online All image rights included High resolution picture for print.

For this reason, genital warts should be considered a sexually transmitted disease STD.

Image wart
Warts are typically small, rough, and hard growths that are similar in color to the rest of the skin. Previous photo in the gallery is center south corona design specialists inc! Art Sketches Sketchbook Drawings Art Drawings Moleskine Sketchbook Sketching Art Studies Drawing Studies Sketchbooks Monochrome Painting.

Because they're flat, tough, and thick, it's easy to confuse them with calluses.

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This wart grows on the bottom of the feet and resembles a callus. These warts got their name because plantar means of the sole in Latin. You may have just one or a cluster called mosaic warts. It occurs on the weight-bearing areas of the sole and may become quite tender. Best OTC Products to Remove Warts on Finger, Hands and Feet.