Change opacity of image on hover css

Change the anchor tag image on hover and active, but it is not working. However it's not even treating the image as a link no click option. I know this doesn't resolve the question at hand but it is a similar problem. It can use for menu items and much more.

That was the styles tag, you can do it in the html file, or export it to an external.

Change opacity of image on hover css
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I'd like the opacity of the image link to change when I hover.

I love the dynamic sign-in backgrounds, and i would love for Windows to change my desktop background to the same images. The Acme Made Skinny Book Case for iPad Air is a well-designed, sleek looking case which makes your iPad Air look like a traditional notebook. PDF This paper analyses a variety of Design Thinking methods to identify a governable pattern that is required to roll out Design. On mouse hover one div containging image is placed over the other image. This flickering doesn't happen when I hover in and out kinda slow.