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Switch was a national debit card scheme in the UK.

Prior to its renaming it had built a strong brand within the UK and people continued to use the name to mean debit transaction for a number of years after it was discontinued. You will still find a number of casinos displaying the Switch logo at the cashier section, particularly targeting the British market. Switch debit card sectionsIntro History See also External links.

It was a sister to the Solo debit card.

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This merger has been referred to as the penguin wedding, with distinctive advertisements of penguins in different international settings created by Joel Veitch. Rather, the switch cards were only extended a co-branding to the Maestro functionality in the frame, brand name and logo disappeared from the switch. Since then, British switch cardholders can pay cash worldwide at all Maestro acceptance. Shibori Cleaning Company Logo Italy Logo Medicine Logo Logos Cards Health Logo Yoga Logo Communication Design Creative Logo, switch debit card logo.